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Optimization of Pyramid Angle Diversity Reception for Indoor MIMO Visible Light Communication
投稿時間:2019-03-29  修訂日期:2019-03-29
中文關鍵詞: 可見光通信  多輸入多輸出(MIMO)  角度分集  信道相關性  信道容量
英文關鍵詞: visible light communication  multi-input multi-output  angle diversity  channel correlation  channel capacity
基金項目:國家自然科學基金(61002013、11147014)、 湖北省自然科學基金(2014CFA051)資助項目。 ,宋成志<sup>*</sup>,呂云龍,侯金
楊春勇 中南民族大學 電子信息工程學院 cyyang@mail.scuec.edu.cn 
宋成志 中南民族大學 電子信息工程學院 1048304027@qq.com 
呂云龍 中南民族大學 電子信息工程學院  
侯金 中南民族大學 電子信息工程學院  
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      In order to enhance the spatial multiplexing gain and reduce the channel correlation in indoor visible multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication, a pyramid angle diversity receiver model is proposed. Ray tracing method is adopted to establish the channel model and intersymbol interference(ISI) model. The ISI and optical power distribution of the receiving plane in MIMO system are analyzed, respectively. The diversity dimension, rotation angle, tilt angle, and spatial layout of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and photodetectors (PDs) are optimized comprehensively. The numerical results show that when the horizontal rotation angle is 45°, the maximum channel capacity can be obtained. In the case of the transmission rate of system is 100Mbps, when the LED spacing is 1.7m and the tilt angle is 50°, the channel capacity can reach the maximum value. It is verified that the spatial multiplexing gain can be effectively enhanced, and the overall reception performance can be improved via optimizing the diversity parameters.
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